Exclusive interview with the Cope Twins

Just before a race on May 21, 2011 with Amber and Angela Cope

FollowNascar– “What is your most memorable race?”

Amber and Angela– “Running the Nationwide, fully sponsored,  is another
goal reached in our journey to become full-time NASCAR drivers. . Our
sponsors Warrior Energy, Odyssey Battery, and El’ie Hydro has truly made
this Iowa race a dream come true. We have had many memorable races
throughout our career but last year in the Trucks was definitely a memorable
race too, thanks to Odyssey Battery

Every time we step on the track it is memorable for us however the day that
3 Cope’s, i.e. Uncle Derrike , are in the same race will certainly be a race
we will never forget.”

FollowNascar– “What are your future plans?”

Amber and Angela– “Our goal is to become fulltime NASCAR drivers, so our future
plans is to keep working hard until we achieve exactly that. We plan on
running Kentucky after Iowa in the Nationwide.”

FollowNascar– “Who is your idol or one that you admire?”

Amber and Angela- “Our idol is hands down our Uncle Derrike he
is still getting out on the track after all these years. He is still working
hard to just continue doing what he loves.”

FolowNascar– “How did you get started in racing?”

Amber and Angela– “We started racing because our family has been
racing for generations. Our Grandfather, our Dad, our Uncle, and now us.

Bottom-line we are out to race, compete and eventually someday be the best.”

We thank Amber and Angela Cope for taking time to answer some questions and best of luck in the future.

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